misculanious (misculanious) wrote in natsfoodzone,

Egg Fried Rice

I just made my first egg fried rice, which I tested out on my two guinea pigs Nathan and Suzy.

Even though the recipe is very simple you must insure that;
a) you use rice that has already been cooked, and cooled in the fridge. This is because hot or warm rice will absorb more oil than cold rice. And
b)If you are using a wok (which I recommend) then heat the wok until it is literally smoking hot, THEN add the oil and swirl to coat the sides of the wok.

2 cups of cooked, cold rice
2tbsp of oil
2 beaten eggs
A few drops of sesame seed oil
A pinch of salt

1) Heat the wok or pan till smoking hot, then add the oil and swirl to coat the sides of the wok or pan
2) Add the sesame seed oil to the beaten eggs along the a pinch of salt and whisk to combined
3) Now add the rice to the hot oil. The pan will spit due to the moisture and water contained in the rice so be careful
4) Next spread the rice over the base of the pan and add the egg mixture. Stir till absorbed into the rice (the egg should look like very small bits of omelet when it is cooked)
5) Check for seasoning and serve.
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